If you’re considering sell your home in Wayne or Pike County in Northeastern PA, I’ve got some suggestions regarding what to do before you even have an agent come over to provide you with a market analysis.

First, clean.  And I mean CLEAN…get down on the floor and scrub the grout with a toothbrush clean.  Every single surface should sparkle as best it can.  As you clean, make note of areas that have bad paint or need repairing.

Second, declutter.  Get everything you don’t need to use on a regular basis OUT of your home, garage, basement and attic.  Either throw it away or put it in storage (it’s pretty cheap to do so!). 

Third, paint and repair.  Got a room that is bright orange?  Yikes!  Replace any loud paint with neutral colors throughout your entire home, ones that will appeal to any buyer.  Leaky faucets?  Toilets?  Ripped carpet?  Floors in bad shape?  Take the time to fix them NOW…it will save you a lot of hassle as the sale process moves ahead.

Fourth, and MOST IMPORTANT…RUN YOUR NUMBERS!  You need to sit down and determine your bottom line…the absolute LOWEST amount you can take for you home and how much you stand to walk away with if you sell for X, Y or Z.  Figure in 8% commission for your real estate agent off the top, too.

And if you decide NOT to sell…your home is now clean, clutter free and in good working condition…you’ll live a better life while you’re there!

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EJ, Pike Wayne PA Real Estate