A foreclosure is just an awful thing…someone has lost their home.  But we all know that in this economy, after the credit implosion and bursting of the real estate bubble foreclosures are a big part of the real estate market.  Wayne and Pike Counties in Northeastern PA are no exception, though thankfully we have less than most.  Now, here’s the good thing…you can buy a home in a great area for under $100K for the first time in a LONG time.  The foreclosures on the market here in the Lake Wallenpaupack area are making home buying affordable again for many folks who were ‘priced out’ during the boom.

Now, keep in mind that it often takes longer to close as the banks are sometimes slower than molasses in getting things rolling.  Also be aware that these sales are AS IS, which means you may have to pay for utilities to be turned on in order to make sure they work.  BUT, you’re going to get a home at a GREAT price if you’re patient and have some basic home improvement knowledge.  Some homes may be in okay shape, others may be gutted down to the studs.  You won’t know until you get there, so click on the link below and give me a call so we can get looking!  EJ, 570-351-6785 

Wayne, Pike County and Lake Wallenpaupack area FORECLOSURES