Are you considering purchasing a home in Wayne or Pike County here in beautiful Northeastern PA?  Heck, why wouldn’tyou?  The Lake Wallenpaupack area is one of the most spectacular locations within close proximity to the NY Metro area…some towns are as little as 80 miles from New York City and Staten Island! 

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I made the transition from Long Island to Pike County quite some time ago, and absolutely loved it here from the get go.  The small development I chose was the perfect place to start living a more countrified lifestyle.   A few years ago I began craving something more rural than my development so I moved again, this time to Wayne County…where I frequently have the neighbor’s cows wandering around outside, much to my delight.

I’ve garnered the experience both personally AND professionally to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in the Lake Wallenpaupack area. Whether it’s a lake front home on Lake Wallenpaupack (or on any of the many, many lakes throughout Wayne and Pike County) a classic home in the Victorian villages of Hawley, Honesdale or Milford or a home on lots of acreage in farm country…I will work dilligently with you every step of the way until you’re in the home of YOUR dreams.

Over the years, I’ve established a network of personal and business contacts in the Lake Wallenpaupack area that help ME help YOU…home inspectors, mortgage professionals, local contractors, insurance agents and much much more.  I’m also an excellent negotiator…with me as your agent, you’ll be getting the best price possible on whatever you choose to buy.  Some agents are afraid of ‘offering too low’…not me.  I encourage folks to start at a price that’s lower than their maximum, based on what the home is really worth in today’s market.  And you can count on me doing the research to back up those figures!  

No matter what surpises arise during the buying process, I’ll be ready on the sidelines to jump in and make things happen to keep the deal moving forward.  Over the years I’ve encountered some unusual situations for sure…I once had a buyer actually making repairs to a seller’s property that were needed in order for the loan to go through, and this while the seller was still living in the home!  The deal closed with a satisfied buyer and seller. 

If financing is a concern for you, I’m pleased to say that I’m well versed in mortgage types and terminology and while I can’t provide a loan for you, I’ll be happy to point you in the direction of folks I think can help you based on your particular situation.  And yes, I have experience with FHA and USDA loans.

Whatever your needs, I’d love to help you locate the place you’ll find much happiness and make many memories in the years to come.  I love Wayne and Pike Counties, and if you don’t already I know you WILL!

Call me today on my cell phone, 570-351-6785 or email me.  I will ALWAYS return your calls and reply to your emails!