If you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale here in Wayne or Pike county, know this…real estate in the Lake Wallenpaupack area IS  STILL SELLING. 

It’s always a challenge to find the ‘right’ agent to sell your home…if you’re looking for an agent who will keep working and working until the job is done, call me today.  I’d love to have the opportunity to work not just with you but FOR you, getting your home sold as fast as possible at a price that works for you. 

Over the years I’ve garnered much experience and wisdom in the real estate field, and I’ve lived in both Pike AND Wayne counties so I KNOW the area, all of it (and believe me, it’s HUGE!).  Plus, I relocated here from Long Island, which gives me a unique perspective on what buyers from ‘away’ are looking for.  This translates into my being able to market your home not just locally, but making it of interest to buyers from out of the area.

One couple whose home I sold have told me ‘EJ, we truly thought our house would never, ever sell due to all the improvements and repairs it needed, not to mention the price we had to sell it at to make the deal work for us…you are such an amazing salesperson that you managed sell the unsellable, and at so close to our asking price no less!’.  I’d like to do the same for you.

You may be wondering how it is that even in this market any Realtor could deem themselves a successful seller…it’s simple:  they have to WORK HARD TO MARKET THE PROPERTY.  If you hire me as your agent, I will hit the ground running and won’t stop until your real estate sells.  My job, first and foremost, is to FIND A BUYER FOR YOUR HOME.  I’ll take amazing photos (the ones up there in my header were taken by me) and videos, splash your home all over the Internet and much, much more.  I make phone calls.  I send emails.  I LOOK FOR BUYERS.  I’ve even found buyers for homes owners had taken off the market!

Some real estate agents get the contract sign, plop a sign in the yard, put the home on the MLS (usually with two bad photos) and that’s that.  They hope that other agents will bring buyers without them having to do another blessed thing.  I hope other agents bring buyers too…but I always prefer it if it’s ME that brings the buyers to you. 

In addition to my sales experience in Wayne and Pike county, I have dealt with many a ‘challenging’ real estate transaction…so many, in fact, I consider myself an expert negotiator and problem solver.  You can rest easy knowing that every step of the way, I’ll do my best to keep the deal alive, even after it seems to have gone over to the other side. 

I’m happy to provide you with a free home evaluation, any time.  And I can guarantee that the ‘number’ I toss out at you will be the result of extensive research and will be an ACCURATE one that will help get your home sold within a reasonable time frame.  The single most important thing that your agent needs to get right the FIRST TIME is PRICE.  If a home is overpriced, it will sit.  Period, end of story.  You can count on me to be honest, even if it means you wind up listing with someone else because you didn’t like what I had to say. 

Call my office, or call my cell phone…drop me an email if you prefer.  I love answering questions and I WILL ALWAYS RETURN YOUR CALL OR REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL!

Remember, it’s still possible to sell your home no matter what you see on TV…Wayne and Pike counties are still very desirable places to live, and that can’t be manufactured with any boom and isn’t going to change!

Best, EJ